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Dear Traveler,

Welcome to the section for International Travelers.

Before you continue, we would like you to know, that we are not only concerned about promoting the incredible natural and cultural attractions of Peru, but also about the security of our travelers.

Certainly, if there is something you want to have when traveling is to feel SAFE and to be sure that all the plan created for your vacations is NOT going to be screwed up because of some unprofessional travel agency that is supposed to be taking care of you.

If you are like us, you will probably feel comfortable during your trip knowing that at ANY time, ANY minute you can contact your travel agency and get things fixed whenever a problem arises so you can just relax and feel the emotions of discovering an incredibly amazing country, full of history and beautiful landscapes.

This is the reason why, we would like you to know a little bit more about Peru: the tourist attractions, the best itineraries, tips, suggestions, what to do and how to plan about it, among other things.

But before telling you all this, we invite you to watch this video to know more about Peru and get involved with the natural and cultural diversity of a country full of surprises.

Prepare your senses to visit Peru

We hope you liked the video, it shows in a very fast way all the amazing places to visit in Peru, a megadiverse country.

How to Avoid a Nightmare Vacation

When we travel, there is always a risk, maybe low or high, but there is a risk anyway. A risk of everything going wrong and that all our expectations, dreams and investment could be lost.

If suddenly, everything or almost everything goes wrong in your dream vacation it can quickly and easily become the Nightmare Vacation and nobody EVER wants to experience that.

And we are sure you might encounter some of the following in your trips. These are things that might happen to turn your dream into a nightmare...”

In a nightmare vacation you can be...

  • ...cheated by a travel agency
  • ...forgotten by a travel agency
  • ...provided a non professional service at all
  • ...provided a poor service and a poor treatment
  • ...treated not courteously
  • ...guided by a not specialized or professional tour guide
  • ...given a dirty, noisy, extremely hot or extremely cold room
  • ...taken to a dirty, bad-food restaurant
  • ...given horrible and tasteless food
  • ...avoided when complaining
  • ...ignored by the service customer staff
  • ...ignored when calling the people in charge
  • ...left under the hands of “Accountants” than Tourism Professionals.

And the list can go on an on...

If you have prepared this trip for so long, of course you have high expectations, I am sure you REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want the above list happens to you.

Just think twice, for saving some money you can be throwing away your opportunity to have an unforgettable lifetime trip.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

A trip full of bad organized tours, bad hotel rooms, bad service and low customer service?

Come on!

Nobody on earth wants that! And yet many people is getting that when traveling.


Because they just don't know how to choose their travel agency.

And of course, How are you going to know if the “Supposed Good Travel Agency” is actually GOOD?.

Yeah, we know...


We understand this perfectly, thats why we would like to show you that we are indeed more than a just Travel Agency but an Experiences Manager.

There are several reasons for you to let us manage your Travel Vacations..

Take a look at it...

Why Picking Us To Manage
Your Dream Vacations


  • We know you are looking for a travel without complications and without headaches (You have had enough of that). You are under stress and you want to relax. We are interested in your happiness, comfort and most of it in your safety.
  • You will get a Secure Service. We will care about you and if any issue or situation arises we will work for fixing it.
  • You will be given the best benefit for your money, we value every penny you are investing because it will be money wisely spend with us. We know you have worked and save money for this trip, we know it is important for you, it is your effort, it is the reward for those long hours dedicated to work and other duties.
  • You will be given quality services and products because we are interested in you having an unforgettable experience, that can only be achieved if we review our quality standards continuously.
  • We love the travel experience, we love the emotion of the discovery, we have received and manage several tourist trips and all the smiles and emotions are a constant fuel for us.
  • Your tour will be managed by professionals in the tourism field, that have a deep knowledge of the internal market.
  • We are an honest company, with a responsible and honest staff committed to give you the best service and information possible.
  • You will be treated courteously by our staff, a most of it you will get a friendly service.


Let's talk about exactly what's being offered here in Sumaq Peru Travel.

We Are Releasing Our
Total Discovery Circuits

Our Total Discovery Circuits are specially prepared for you to have a unique experience in Peru.

Total Discovery Tours

Its name says it all, it is a Total Discovery.

And for us, this is what we like to do. Let us show you what we are talking about:

  • Indeed, discover Peru in a different and Unique way
  • Meet people that live transcending the heritage of their ancestors. During all your tour you will be in contact with locals. People from provinces still maintain much of the lifestyle of their ancestors, from the way they speak, their clothing, their naive smiles. You will see how they respect their gods from nature, like the mountains, the earth, the sun, etc.
  • Feel the senses of the Land of the Incas. We will take you to the belly button of the world, Machu Picchu and there you will feel all the energy emanating from this place. It is quite an unforgettable experience, apart of course, of the amazing scenery you will encounter.
  • Not only visit, but also get involved with the mysticism around all the archaeological rests in the Titicaca Lake. Here we consider a Visit to the Uros and Taquile Islands in the Lake, which are amazing because you can see people living in the same way their very old ancestors actually lived hundreds of years ago!
  • Discover its amazing geography, with top mountains, desert valleys, crystal clear rivers, amazonian jungles, extremes temperatures and a lot more. During the whole trip, you will witness the very extreme geography of Peru. In each different area created by the nature, the Andean men had created a way of living taking in consideration the world around them.
  • Discover the rests of Pre-Inca Civilizations on the north of the country. These are amazing places that very few people know, but are quite fascinating. One of the highlights is Kuelap, a fortress made by the Chachapoyas civilization in the Jungle. It is a lost amazon civilization in the South American forest.

And this is just the beginning...

See our details and itineraries for you.

Total Discovery Tours Itineraries

Pery all over the Centuries
Feel the Inca's Legacy Discover the wonderful Peru
Senses of Ancient Civilizations Discovering the North of Peru

Your Money's Value

If you are like us, you wouldn't want to give away your money without any certainty.

A certainty that everything will be just right, and that you are dealing with a secure company.

In fact, we realize this is an investment in many aspects.

Investment on relax, fun, discovery, meeting new people, discovering new places, tasting new and different food, living new experiences, increasing your cultural knowledge and expanding your universe...

We also know that you have work very hard for getting that money in your pockets or bank accounts. It is not money that came from nowhere. It is hard-earned money. It is your work, sometimes VERY very HARD WORK, your effort, we are conscious of that, that's why we want to give you the best we can for every penny invested.

We also understand you are not a millionaire (most likely you’re not), that's the reason why you want to get the best benefit from you money and of course to spend it wisely all the time.

Because we know all this...

We have created a PAYMENT METHOD that allows us to manage your Total Discovery Tour until you arrive here, and also permits you to be sure we are NOT getting all your money all of a sudden.

And... This is how it works.

For reserving any of our tour packages or circuits we required you to ONLY PAY 50% of the total amount.

The rest of the total amount can be paid when you arrive here, so the 50% left will be given, face to face, by cash in our office or in your hotel, or by credit card.

We think we got a pretty good deal.

Ok, what happens next?

With this 50% of the total amount you are confirming that you are a real and a serious person that INDEED WANTS THE TOUR and we can start to manage all the reservations. This allows us to start blocking all the spaces for you with your familiy, or your friends, or even you only!,

Also, with this 50% downpayment we assure you we will have everything just perfect after your arrival.

You will find all the details of the payment method at the end of each Tour.

Discover Peru with Us!