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Antioquia, The Painted Village

What is Antioquia? I get asked this question several times. So I thought I should create a blog post talking about this new interesting place, and explain what it is and why it has became more famous recently.
Street in AntioquiaStreet in Antioquia
First of all, Antioquia is a village, located in the Valley of the Lurin River at 1500masl, 75km away from Lima (43km away from Cieneguilla). It can be reached through the paved road that leads to Huarochiri, passing by villages like Chontay, Sisicaya and Antapucro, in 2 hours by car.

The reason it has became famous among Limeans and local travel agencies is that the inhabitants of Antioquia have decorated its houses with colorfull paintings of flowers, horses and birds. The village now is full of joy, energy and happiness in its streets. The new environment invites the traveler to stay there and to visit again.
House in AntioquiaHouse in Antioquia
The drawings look like they were made by 3-year-old children. Almost five years ago, the local Center of Research, Education and Development (Cied) thought how the Limeans can be interested in a village in the 65 Kilometer of the Highway to Huarochiri, the project consisted in painting the houses that in those times looked unpainted and dirty.

A group of peruvian, argentinian and uruguayan plastic artists arrived to the village and for a week experimented with many designs to decorate the houses of the village, these artist where supervised by the paintor Enrique Bustamente, finally they chose the paintings to turn Antioquia into something different.
Beautiful Painted houseBeautiful Painted house
In July 2003, the Andres Avelino Caceres school had the first paintings on its wall. The Main Square had the first flowers and birds of many colors, besides a big sun and a moon in each side of the main gate. At first, the inhabitants where not happy with the project and did not care about the paintings, but after they saw how beautiful it looked everybody wanted to have their house painted as well.

Finally, the 300 families of Antioquia changed their skeptical attitude and got inmersed in the project.

Basically, they got an idea, put it into reality and now more and more people wants to visit Antioquia year after year, and the reason is mainly because the travelers want to see the famous, beautiful and unique painted houses! Of course when visiting you can also feel the great environment, and you can relax in a really peaceful place while enjoying the greeat green scenery.

The ChurchThe Church

Best time to travel
This area can be visited almost all year, nevertheless during the winter months (April - November) there is a sunny and warm weather.

To take into account
In these villages (excepting Cieneguilla) there are not all basic Tourist services like restaurants or hotels (this is why it is so attractive), modest restaurants can be found in the highway. In the Antioquia Main Square a restaurant and restrooms can be found. Also there are grocery stores where you can buy drinks and snacks.

If you have any input about Antioquia please leave a message hereunder.

Also, if you want to enjoy Antioquia with us, we have a programed Tour Package Full day to visit Antioquia for this Easter - Thursday April 09th. The spaces are limited so if you want to join us book as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and see you around Peru!

Easter is coming soon!!!

Waterfalls in Nor-Yauyos Cochas ReserveWaterfalls in Nor-Yauyos Cochas ReserveAs every year, in march or april, we receive the easter time. This year it came a little late, in April, exactly from April 9th till the 12th.

And usually, It is in this season that the tour packages and promotions start to appear in the market, of course, everybody wish to travel in this period of time and enjoy the 4 days off. It is like a little vacation. The most visited places are Huaraz and Ayacucho, but the offers are little by little being diversified to let the travelers discover new places.

Here, in Sumaq Peru, we have our tours and promotions ready. We are offering full days and complete tour packages of 4 and 3 days.

Now, I want to show you some of them and maybe you join us ;)

Full days:

When you enter to the promotions you will find out that they are in spanish, I am sorry for that. Also the tour packages have a spanish-speaking guide. So I think if you live in Lima maybe you can manage a little of Spanish and understand the content of the promotions.

Usually we do not promote these tours for foreigners living in Lima, but please let me know in the comments if you will be interested in having the promotions throughout Peru in English.

Thanks for reading and see you around Perú!

Visit the Colca Canyon in Arequipa

One of the most beautiful places of Peru is The Colca Canyon in Arequipa. It is one of the deepest of the world (reportedly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA)and it preserves natural landscapes, flora and fauna and the customs, rituals and way of living of their inhabitants.

Lima is beautiful at night

And it is most beautiful during Christmas. I found a very nice picture of Lima Main Square at night, It is hosted in PeruInside. Take a look:

Lima at Night During ChristmasLima at Night During Christmas

Peru in front of the World

Something that I wanted to comment, and that at the time I did not for lack of time is How the APEC summit has changed the Peru stereotypes of journalists who came to Lima.

I found it very interesting that journalists confess that prior to his arrival did not feel attracted by the country as a destination, they thought it was boring, with nothing to do, and that the visit will pass without much emotion or funny times. But that did not happen.

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