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Hi Traveler,

If you are viewing this page you are probably searching for the perfect trip to Peru, and probably you are visiting website after website searching all the information available on the Internet to make the best decision to obtain an unforgettable and safe trip.

Regarding the fact you are here reading this text, maybe you didn't find yet what you were looking for.

We think that you are searching a dream travel that allows you to discover Peru in a different way, in a way where you can: enjoy the cultural, historical and archaeological treasures of the Incas, feel the senses of the ancient civilizations, appreciate the flora and fauna of the jungle, enjoy the delicious Peruvian cuisine,

... and so much more...

...without complications, with fantastic activities, with a quality service, with a pleasant stay, in an itinerary easy to understand, easy to book and specially with all the guarantees that can make it a dream, completely safe and perfect for you

Well, We are really glad to tell you that
with us, you can actually
obtain what you are looking for...

...but first, whether or not you will allow us to make your dream vacations come true, here we have some really really “Important Information” that we would like to share with you,

We would like to give you these Valuable Information because we know this will help you to organize your trip in a so much better way. We have carefully organized the pieces of advice to help you find the most beautiful places in Peru and to help you AVOID THE BAD EXPERIENCES that might occur if you are not “aware” of them.

So, take some minutes of your time and read on,
we assure you this will help you
maximize the success during your overall experience.

Now, before you can see the VALUABLE INFORMATION,
please tell us whether you are
a National TRAVELER (Peruvian or Resident) or
an International TRAVELER (Foreigner)
to let us give you the best advice accordingly.

National Traveler International Traveler


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